Grammarly Review 2021 – Grammar Checker and Free Plugin

Why Grammarly?

  • The best online grammar checker
  • Powerful and accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Explains why your mistakes are wrong
  • Free plugin available
  • Works with almost all the websites with ease
  • Plagiarism checker is very handy for bloggers

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly detects grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes as you write on just about any site on the web, email, Word documents, social media, or on your own website.

Grammarly was founded in 2009 by Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn and is headquartered in San Francisco. Its products are licensed by more than 600 universities and corporations. In 2013, it was included in Inc. 500 which is a list of Top 500 fastest growing companies.

Is Grammarly Free?

Grammarly is a grammar checking software that comes with a free as well as a premium version. The latter comes with some additional features.

However, the free version of Grammarly is free for life with no obligations to upgrade. So, if you are a casual user, you can use Grammarly as much as you want with no restrictions on documents scanned or mistakes corrected.

To get a clear idea of what you can expect from the free and premium version of Grammarly, let us quickly go through the various features included in each version.

Free Grammarly Features

Grammarly performs over 150+ grammatical checks with a free account. Below are the main features offered by it for free.

1. Grammar Checker

Grammarly uses an intelligent algorithm to detect grammatical errors in your article. In my opinion, it does a great job with the same, especially when compared to other grammar checking tools out there in the market.

Grammar Checker

2. Spell Checker

Spelling mistakes are one of the most common forms of mistakes while writing. They can be very annoying to the readers.

Whenever Grammarly’s algorithm detects a spelling mistake, it judges the context of the word and accordingly suggests to you the possible words that you meant to write with the best suggestion at the top. It also checks for commonly misspelled words like using “Loose” instead of “Lose” or “There” instead of “Their.”

Unlike other Grammar Checking Tools, it is mostly accurate with the suggestions and it can detect almost all the spelling mistakes.

Spell Checker

3. Punctuation Checker

To be honest, when I first started blogging, I often ended up skipping commas at important places and adding some redundant commas. Having worked with Grammarly for the past few months, I did improve a lot. However, even now I still end up messing up with it and have to rely on Grammarly to correct the errors.

It checks the article in question for missing words, misplaced words as well as incorrectly framed sentences. This makes sure people who have recently started learning the English language or have a poor command of language can also write in English like a Pro.

Punctuation Checker

4. Built-in dictionary

Being from a Non-English speaking country, I must admit, that my vocabulary is not very strong. Oftentimes while reading articles from writers across the seas, I bump across several new words which I have never heard before.

Earlier, I used to search these words on Google to find the meaning of the same, but Grammarly has made it simpler for me with an inbuilt dictionary. To use this feature, I just need to double-tap on a word on any website which opens up a pop-up with the meaning of the word in question.

Built-in dictionary

Grammarly Premium Features

Grammarly Premium comes with some advanced grammar checking options and other features which are not included in the free version.

1. Advanced Grammar Checker

The premium version of Grammarly warns you for the use of passive voice, preposition at the end of the sentence, wordiness, tautology, unclear antecedent, repetitive use of the same word etc. among several other advanced grammatical mistakes.

2. Vocabulary Enhancement

The premium version of Grammarly comes with a Vocabulary enhancement feature that will suggest you to replace the existing words that are repetitively used in your article or otherwise. 

Being a blogger, I have to use specific words called Keywords in my articles multiple times in the same article. However, Grammarly keeps suggesting me to replace these words with synonyms. I find this feature to be annoying.

However, if you are a student or a casual writer, you may find this feature to be useful.

3. Genre Specific Writing Style Checks

Writing a personal email is entirely different from writing an official email or a medical report. The makers of Grammarly know this fact, and therefore they allow its premium users to select a document type from over 30 different categories.

While this may not make any significant changes to your document, but it does fine-tune the same.

4. Sentence Structure

While spell checkers and grammatical errors can solve almost all problems for most users, non-native English speakers often have trouble framing a sentence in a correct way. Grammarly addresses this issue as well with Grammarly Premium.

5. Plagiarism Checker

If you are a blogger who accepts guest posts or hires a content writer to write articles for your blog, you need to make sure the article is not copied from elsewhere.

A plagiarism checker can come in handy for you in such cases. It will not only check the article in question for any grammatical errors, but it also checks over 8 million web pages to find if the article has been entirely or partially copied from somewhere else.

In the case the article is copied, it also provides you with the link to the original website so that you can evaluate it yourself and inform your content writer or guest author about the same.

Grammarly Premium Pricing

How To Use Grammarly?

This Grammarly review won’t be complete till we review the various ways you can use this Grammar Checking Tool. So, let us find out various ways you can use Grammarly.

First things first, you must first register a free account with them. You can always upgrade the account later if you wish to go for its premium plans.

Once you create and verify your account, you can use Grammarly in 4 different ways both for Free as well as Premium account.

1. Browser Extension

The best way to use Grammarly is through Grammarly Browser Extension. As of now, the extension is available only for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Once you install the extension, Grammarly will check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation as you type on almost every website including Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Blogger, etc.

2. Grammarly Online App

Grammarly also has an online app where you can directly type your content, or you can copy-paste or upload your documents for proofreading. This app is especially helpful if you want to proofread the content to be posted on websites not supported by the browser extension.

This app is also useful if you want to write and edit your documents from multiple locations as Grammarly saves your documents on its server.

3. Windows Office Add-In

If you prefer using Microsoft Outlook to write your emails or if you are a business professional who has to prepare a lot of presentations on Microsoft Powerpoint, you can install Windows Office Add-in.

This Add-in seamlessly integrates all the Grammarly features with all your Microsoft Office Apps including Microsoft Word And Microsoft Excel.

4. Grammarly Desktop App For Mac And Windows

Apart from the browser extension, Grammarly also has a native application for Windows as well as for Mac. To use it, you simply have to drag and drop a document into the application.

Who Can Use Grammarly?

Grammarly is a universal tool that is suitable for everyone to use. However, it has designed its features paying special attention to the following people.

  • Students to write essays, case study, admission letters, etc
  • Working professionals to write a business email, reports, etc.
  • Bloggers and content writers for writing blogs and posts.
  • Writers for writing a novel as well as for creative writing.
  • Doctors and Medical Transcriptionists for writing medical reports that use medical terminologies.
  • Casual Writers who want to write a personal email or personal blog posts.

Final Words

Grammarly is certainly the best online grammar checking tool in the market. It can detect and suggest a correction for almost all the spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.

Vocabulary enhancement and plagiarism checker are good additions available with the premium version which other grammar checking tools lack.

Have you tried using Grammarly? If yes, please do share your views with us.

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